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Real-time data + AI = efficient and sustainable fleet management

Access to vehicle data is essential to achieving strategic objectives in terms of costs, safety and sustainable development; access to real-time data is even better! On the occasion of Echoes’ participation at Global Fleet 2024, Matthieu Chènebit, CEO of Echoes, explains.

What is the biggest benefit of connected tech for fleet sustainability?

Echoes’ CarFlleet solution is based on real-time data transmitted natively by vehicles to the manufacturer via an on-board 4/5G chip. This means there’s no need to install a box or carry out any work on the vehicle: transmission can start immediately once the contract has been signed. This data is generated by the many sensors found in recent vehicles, from odometers and flow meters to speedometers and traction battery charge levels. Consolidated in a dedicated interface, this data can be analysed and exported for further use.

Thanks to this tool, fleet managers will be able to track and monitor their ICE of EV fleet’s consumption on a day-to-day basis, with a historical view enabling them to trace any changes. In practical terms, CarFleet allows you to:

  • Measure the fuel or electricity consumption of its fleet, while detecting vehicles and/or drivers with abnormally high figures
  • Analyse the behaviour of vehicles affected by excessive fuel consumption, and determine the causes
  • Take action on the vehicles concerned or communicate with the offending drivers to make them reduce their speed
  • Monitor the results of the action plan on a daily basis and communicate internally and externally


Putting all these elements together, the savings in fuel/electricity consumption and emissions could be as much as 25%, provided that the vehicles are closely monitored.

How will AI boost fleet management efficiency in the years to come?

In the near future, it will be possible to go even further in optimising company vehicle journeys, thanks to various IA technological developments in CarFleet in which Echoes is currently investing:

  • Analysis of the driver’s behaviour in terms of the intensity of acceleration and braking: to detect abrupt driving that is harmful to the vehicle and its fuel consumption.
  • Taking into account the number of passengers using seatbelt sensors. This will enable consumption and emissions to be analysed in the light of how full the vehicle is, and actions to encourage car sharing to be put in place.
  • Analysis of journeys using artificial intelligence, and optimisation of journeys in terms of timetables, routes, speed and electrical recharging. 
  • Optimising the use of recharging infrastructure

What can global fleet customers expect from Echoes in the year to come?

In January 2024, Echoes announced its partnership with Moving Intelligence (MI), leading the way in secure asset tracking, sustainable fleet management and smart mobility. The combined group will create an undisputed European leader in smart connected vehicle solutions serving customers across 10 European countries with 500,000 connected active assets projected by year-end. by joining forces and pooling resources, Echoes and MI will be able to offer management solutions dedicated specifically to medium-sized fleets.

These solutions will provide SME managers with 360° real-time monitoring of their fleets, for security and tracking purposes as well as for day-to-day management. The aim: more sustainable vehicle fleets that have less impact on the environment and on the company’s balance sheet.

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