Moving Intelligence and Echoes join forces to reshape the future of European connected vehicle solutions

Toulon (FR), January 18, 2024 – Moving Intelligence, leading the way in secure asset tracking, sustainable fleet management and smart mobility, announces its partnership with Echoes, the recognized leading force in next-generation vehicle data solutions. The combined group will create an undisputed European leader in smart connected vehicle solutions serving customers across 10 European countries with 500,000 connected active assets projected by year-end. 

Echoes provides fleet management and security solutions by directly connecting to OEM inbuilt telematics units without hardware, thus greatly reducing installation costs, the downtime of any fleet as well as the cost to manage and cost to serve for fleet operators. Echoes integrates across a wide spectrum of new vehicles (>90%) with its OEM compatibility consistently growing. The company is based in France with the majority of its footprint outside of its home country, including Germany, the United Kingdom, Benelux, Italy, Spain, and the Nordics.  

Advanced solutions at the click of a button 

The strategic transaction anticipates the structural trends taking place in the field of connected mobility and it is driven by our vision to enable customers to access solutions swiftly and cost-effectively at the click of a button. Combined, Echoes and Moving Intelligence can provide the full comprehensive suite of advanced telematics solutions across security, fleet management, non-powered asset tracking and sustainability to a client base spanning rental/leasing, dealerships, enterprise as well as SME customers.  


Moving Intelligence’s CEO, Patrick Horst, comments: “We are extremely proud to partner with Echoes, the fast-growing market leader in connected vehicle solutions. Echoes is the future, allowing us to connect directly to the customer’s vehicle without installing additional hardware. It expands our geographical reach, the scalability of our offering as well as the services we can provide and, in parallel, meaningfully reduces the cost and installation downtime for fleet owners. This is a win-win proposition for our customers, and we are already working hard to onboard the Echoes functionalities onto our platform and vice versa.”   

“This combination is a perfect fit for our customers and partners”, adds Mathieu Chènebit, president of Echoes, “by adding top quality security products to our portfolio, but also benefiting from the existing strong footprint in Europe including local support and partnerships, OEM data and a certified device will offer our customers the best of both worlds.”  

Background and outlook  

Both companies share a strong international growth ambition and are leaders in telematics solutions in their respective fields. The pooling of their expertise positions them optimally to meet the current and future needs of their customers. Moving forward, both brands will continue to exist independently, with Moving Intelligence and Echoes operating autonomously. Customers can continue to use their trusted services, and in the future, they will have the opportunity to benefit from the services of both brands. For employees, there will be no significant changes, except that they will now be part of a larger international organization working closely across geographies to roll out the solutions to existing and prospective customers.  

About Moving Intelligence  
As a leader in vehicle tracking systems, Moving Intelligence has been developing the most innovative services in security, trip logging, fleet management, and sustainable mobility for over 25 years. With over 600 carefully selected dealers in four countries and 120 employees, Moving Intelligence continues to be at the forefront of the industry.   
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About Echoes  
Echoes was founded in 2018 by Mathieu Chènebit and is headquartered in Toulon, France. The company now has offices in 3 locations in France and circa 50 employees throughout Europe: DACH, Benelux, Nordics, Spain and United Kingdom.   

Echoes gathers vehicle data without external hardware, offering real-time insights into fleets. The company collects diverse data points, including localization, maintenance, fuel, eco-driving, mileage, EV status, accidents, and remote services.   

Echoes’ core products, CarFleet and CarLocate, leverage the CarCollect OEM API data. CarFleet, a fleet management platform, provides structured access to fleet data for geolocation, mileage, maintenance, fuel/EV management, and more. CarLocate focuses on security, serving as a platform for stolen car recovery with geofencing, immobilizers, and investigator access. These solutions are sold into over 200 car rental, shared mobility, leasing and corporate fleet customers.