Sixt Denmark about Echoes : "having control of our fleet even though it’s out on the roads" ​

Christina Carpens is COO for Sixt Denmark and has been working with Echoes for several years. She tells us about this successful partnership.

Echoes: How did you know Echoes ? 

Christina Carpens : ’We were referred to Echoes by a third party already using Echoes services for security purposes.

Echoes : Why did you choose Echoes ? How did you worked before using Echoes platforms and what were your goals for improvement? 

CC: We chose Echoes because of several parameters:

We chose Echoes because there is no installation of external hardware (meaning no installation costs, no hassle to maintain a database of devices and no possibility for the bad guys to remove a tracking device). We chose ECHOES also because you company offers transparent pricing model that made it easy to build a business case to estimate future value.

At last, Echoes propose a very flexible system which is easy to use (no onboarding required).”

Echoes :  OEM open access to data directly produced by vehicles. What do you think of this new system compared to the classic devices of telematics?

CC: I think that’s definitely an advantage for the reasons mentioned above. The average car is in our fleet for approximately 5 months, so installing classic devices is too much of a hassle to big a cost.

Echoes :  In your opinion, what are the challenges in fleet management for the coming years?

CC: I think that security issues (vehicle theft/fraud/embezzlement) are expected to increase with the upcoming recession. 

In fact, end users are getting less and less diligent when it comes to following up on mileage and warning lights. With a fleet management system like this, we are able to remind them so we help each other out before minor things become great (and expensive) issues.

Moreover, Insecurity in the car market generally will cascade to the car rental industry. We will be forced to optimize earnings as well as costs even more than before. In this respect, having control of our fleet even though it’s out on the roads is quite valuable as it allows us to be proactive in regard to any technical issues.


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